• School Day


    7:45 am

    School doors open

    Car riders and walkers report to the cafeteria

    Bus riders report to the gym


    8:40 am

    Students are released to their first class of the day.


    8:40 - 8:55 am

    The cafeteria is open for students to eat breakfast only.


    9:00 am

    1st class of the day begins

    Please plan to drop your child off between 8:30 - 8:45 to avoid being tardy.


    4:14 pm

    Staggered dismissal begins

  • School Schedule


    Keep in mind:

    3rd Period includes homeroom, lunch, flex, and class!


    Students go to lunch with their 3rd-period class.  Each class is assigned lunch tables, and students can sit with students in that class.

    Students may use microwaves, but remember that lunch lasts 22-24 minutes.


    At SFMS we have a rotating schedule:

    The order of classes will change every nine weeks - the 3rd period stays the same.

    Students will continue to have the same five core classes & teachers (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, & Enrichment).

    Connection courses will change, and the time of connection courses will change each quarter.


  • Technology

    • Students can access at least 10 Chromebooks in each classroom, and teachers may reserve Chromebook carts.


    • Students will not be allowed to use cell phones this year.  All cell phones must be silent and out of sight, preferably in a locker. Please do not call or text your child during the day.  Please call the front desk if you need to message your child.