• Capitalizing on Change Club
    Club Sponsor:  Ms. Ashley Siuta

    Club Overview:
    Lambert Capitalizing on Change is all about helping students understand and navigate change - at any level - in their lives. 
    Activities/Events: We hold meetings to discuss change-related topics and provide support to members. Furthermore, we have activities such as organized study groups that focus on assisting new students with getting associated with Lambert and helping all with making connections with others. And of course, volunteering and community service opportunities allow members to make a positive impact in their community.
    Club Mission: Our goal is to assist with goal-setting, stress management, and bettering mental health so that members can realize the positive impact of change. Whether you are new to Lambert or are going through another type of change in your life, we're all about creating a positive and supportive environment to help students embrace change and capitalize on it!
    Siddharth Yamujala (President)
    Ishanth Hombaiah (Vice President)
    More officer positions will be made available for members to apply for: - Event Coordinator - Public Relations Officer - Secretary
    Club Meetings or Activities: 
    Meetings are held bi-monthly in room 1808. The day of the week and timing of the meetings shall be determined based on voting so that the most number of members can participate.

    Group Me:


    President Email: yamujala.sid@gmail.com

    Sponsor Email: asiuta@forsyth.k12.ga.us




Last Modified on August 10, 2023