May 8, 2023


    TO: All FCS Schools and Departments


    RE: Approved Contract for Vending Machine Services


    Due to inconsistency of services and accounting/audit issues, Larry Hammel requested that FCS create a standardized list of vetted and approved vendors for use on all FCS property. To that end, Procurement Services surveyed all schools to determine which companies were currently being used in order to build our initial solicitation vendor list. We then solicited all vendors equally informing them of our intentions to create a pool of approved Vendors, along with certain conditions and stipulations they must meet in order to be approved. Some of those companies eliminated themselves by choosing not to participate or agree to certain basic conditions that would protect the School and the District. We did not mandate their rebate structure other than requiring some rebate form and forbidding the practice of withholding rebates for economic conditions as one vendor was practicing.


    In the end, a group of three companies was approved. I’ve attached a Vending Services Vendor data sheet, which will allow each school to understand the offer of each company; as well as basic contract details and contact information. Finance, Facilities, nor the Central Office are not expecting any portion of the funds to be sent to the Central Office. Nothing changes in that regard as all monies can be kept and managed locally. Thus, this new contract is intended to protect each school and to eliminate the need to source for these services locally. By creating a pool of Vendors, there can still be competition and options for your school to change if you are not satisfied with performance. It does hold the Vendor accountable in light of the fact that they are utilizing FCS real estate, FCS power, FCS custodial etc; as well as, engaging in business with FCS stakeholders.


    What to do next?

    • Review the list of approved Vendors
    • If you’re satisfied with your Vendor of choice, then please make sure they adhere to the terms listed.
    • If you’re not satisfied, or simply want to shop, then feel free to engage as applicable.
    • If your current Vendor is not listed, then please terminate the contract and choose from one of the three approved Vendors.
    • Make sure that you only engage in ONE-YEAR contract terms without approval from Procurement Services. It is OK to renew for an additional year, but no multi-year agreements should be signed.


    Please contact Procurement Services with any questions.



    Please click HERE for a list of Vending Services Approved Contracts