Student Drop Off / Pick Up

  • Please review all student car rider information below to understand how to navigate the entries on campus. 
    All directions and changes to traffic patterns are for ensuring the safety of our students and all visitors to campus.
    Any drivers - students, parents, or otherwise -
    found violating any of these directions are subject to citations by the Forsyth County Sheriff. 
    ** Please review the above link for changes to the route **
    WFHS Student Drop Off
    1) Student drop-off or pick-up transportation should enter / exit WFHS via Drew Road. Please note, please provide additional time during the morning drop-off as students will be parking in the Navy Lot during this time.
    2) During mornings and afternoons, there is a Forsyth County Sheriff deputy directing traffic at the Drew Road entrance. This is the only entrance used for dropping off and picking up students. Students should not be dropped off or picked up from any other location on WFHS Campus. 
    3) Only those with student or staff parking passes will be allowed to enter the Kelly Mill Road entrance before and after school. NO Car Riding students should be dropped off / picked up from the Kelly Mill Road entrance. 
    4) Students should be dropped off at the "Student Drop Off Point" designated in the carpool line. Students will enter through the 1200 hallway doors located adjacent to the drop off point. This change is required to keep the traffic backup off of Drew Road as much as possible.