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    S1 E11

    This final episode of Season 1 is filled with goodbyes. We spend time with the amazing Miniscalco & Davies Duo of Awesomeness before they move into their new roles at other schools next year. We also spend time with four amazing 8th graders, asking them to reflect on their time at Hendricks over the last three years. Click HERE for episode 11.



    S1 E10

    Listen to our special SUPER Podcast! In this episode we spend time with Forsyth County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Jeff Bearden! Enjoy this super episode, as we ask Dr. Bearden to reflect on his time as superintendent and choose between some super-themed items. Click HERE for episode 10.



    Multicultural Night

    Listen to the next episode of the Hendricks Middle School Podcast to experience a taste of the sensation sweeping across the globe, known as Hendricks Multicultural Night! Hear from event organizer Julia Barrett, ESOL extraordinaire Melissa Sherman, and special guest, ice cream scooper Jillian Holden. Click HERE for episode 9.


    S1 E8

    In this episode, we spend time with Dr. Ben Jones, our new principal at Hendricks MS for the upcoming school year. Feel free to listen for fun, as there will not be a quiz after learning great insights into his background, interests, and passions as an educator. Click HERE to check out Episode 8.  



    S1 E7

    Hendricks social studies teacher, Stacey Ingraham, joins as co-host to help facilitate a discussion about Black History Month with some of our 8th graders. Marcello, Megan, and Josh gather together to discuss important people, events, and ideas related to Black History Month. Click HERE to check out Episode 6.  



    Fine Arts

    In this episode, we hear from all of the Fine Arts teachers that bring band, chorus, and art to HMS. We also spend some time with Aditi, a 7th grader heavily involved in HMS Fine Arts. Click HERE to check out Episode 6.  



    In this episode, we explore the fun of having a Work Bestie to support you through your work day. We spend time with teachers Stephanie Rushwin and Jillian Holden, as we get a glimpse into their best bestie lives. Click HERE to check out Episode 5.  



    S1 E4

    Now that Hispanic Heritage Month has wrapped up, join us as we celebrate the beauty of diversity that exists at Hendricks and around the world. Daniel, Angela, and Camila discuss a variety of Hispanic food, music, religion, and traditions. Click HERE to check out Episode 4.



    Hendricks Middle School Principal Cheryl Riddle shares her thoughts on the greatest school in the universe! Check out Episode 3. 



    Season 1 Episode 2

    We are excited to share that the 2nd episode of our Hendricks Middle School podcast is now available! Our remarkable 8th grade students, Ellie and Tiyasha, did an amazing job giving some valuable advice! Please check it out and spread the word.   



    Season 1 Episode 1

    Check out the first ever Hendricks Middle School Podcast, featuring our football head coach, Chuck Shadburn.