• Parent’s Role in MTSS  


    Parents play a critical role in supporting what their children are learning in school. Research shows that the more parents are involved in student learning, the higher the student achievement. As with all aspects of education, parents play a major role in the MTSS process. Strong parent communication and active engagement in all steps of the process and in all decisions regarding adjustments to your student’s curriculum and needs will accelerate your child’s success. 

    Parents Can:

    • Frequently communicate with your child’s teacher(s).
    • Attend school functions such as parent-teacher conferences.
    • Monitor and assist with your child’s homework assignments.
    • Find out what skills and knowledge your child is expected to learn.
    • Attend team meetings. Remember the importance of your voice in your child’s education.
    • Ask school team members the following questions:
      • What are the targeted supports that my child’s school is using if he/she is struggling in the classroom?
      • How will I be informed of the progress my child is making?
      • What happens if my child is not making progress?
    • Practice and reinforce any strategies or educational plans at home.