• Mental Health Referrals

    Where to look for a private mental health provider for your child:
    1. Contact your insurance company for a list of providers who are covered under your insurance plan.
    2. Contact your child’s pediatrician. They often have referrals they can make for mental health support.
    3. Visit the following websites and start the search for therapists by zip code and then narrow down by issue, insurance, gender, etc. Websites include: Psychology Today, Mental Health Match, and Headway. Once you have a few options, read through the bios to decide which therapists to reach out to first.
    4. Visit the CHOA 2022 listing of Forsyth County Behavioral and Mental Health ProvidersLinks to an external site.(scroll to Forsyth County).

    *Forsyth County Schools does not endorse any provider in particular, but these are great resources to start your search.