• Georgia Secretary of State Student Ambassador Program

    Background: The goal of the Secretary of State’s Ambassadors Program is to provide high school students an opportunity to engage as a leader within their school and community. Through this program, you will gain leadership experience by learning about and teaching Georgia civics to your peers, learning about voter registration, and encouraging other students to register to vote. You will become educated on business requirements and financial literacy programs to well prepare you for the future. You will work in a team environment to create a dialogue that gets first-time high school voters educated, excited, and engaged about elections, career opportunities and financial security. https://sos.ga.gov/sites/default/files/2023-08/2023%20Student%20Ambassadors%20Guide%20%28New%29.pdf


    1. Learn about Georgia government and the importance of voting

    2. Encourage involvement

    3. Encourage peers to register to vote when eligible, volunteer to work as a pollworker, and vote in elections!



    Open to grades 10-12, we will only have 9 representatives, 3 from each grade.

    Various activities hosted on campus


    Sponsor: Dr. Thurmond, room 363

    Side note-  this organization can help meet the requirements for the Civic Engagement diploma seal!