• Hindu Yuva:

    Purpose: Hindu Yuva provides a platform to preserve, practice, promote, and protect Dharma by bringing together high school students and working professionals across North America. YUVA stands for Youth for Unity, Virtues, and Action. 

    Hindu YUVA is dedicated to upholding the cultural and spiritual legacy of the Hindu community by safeguarding its traditions, organizing events that highlight its richness, diversity, wisdom, and promoting philosophical and spiritual teachings through seminars, workshops, and guest speakers on campus.

    Hindu YUVA aims to ready high school students for the distinctive challenges of college, especially for Hindu students navigating their identity in a minority community away from home; it does so by offering a space for learning, practicing Hindu Dharma, nurturing faith and community, and instilling values, with the goal of building a strong foundation for embodying these principles in the future.

    Sponsor: Ms. Emma Daklouche, room 641

    Instagram: @sfhshinduyuva