• skating

  • This club's purpose is similar to intercollegiate team skating, which offers skaters the opportunity to compete on a team for their high school. High School Skating is growing around the country and we here at South High would like to continue to grow the program with our own students who figure skate here at South High. Skaters in the club will have an opportunity to compete and place nationally. Several states host a series of competitions and a state final. U.S. Figure Skating is currently working towards offering the inaugural High School Sectional Finals in the East Coast, Midwest, and Pacific Coast in the Spring of 2024. This opportunity will be open to any high school team registered with U.S. Figure Skating.

    The competition season is from November-May. We will have 2 competitions this year. To participate, skaters must be a member of U.S. Figure Skating and enrolled full-time here at South Forsyth High. There are no test requirements needed.

  • Meetings:

    Once a month the 1st IF period on the 1st Wednesday of Each Month 

    Ms. Palermo’s Room 409