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  • A child is born with a cleft every 3 minutes. The majority of these children’s families are unable to receive the surgery and comprehensive care they need because it’s too costly, too far away from their homes, of inadequate quality, or not available at all. Without treatment,

    Since its inception, Operation Smile’s  Student Programs has been an integral part of the organization, and student involvement has expanded to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, and  medical schools worldwide. 

    Students often self-initiate campaigns for Operation Smile to raise awareness and donations to fund more surgeries for children in need. Through their school- and community-based fundraising, student volunteers raise an estimated $1 million annually for Operation Smile. 

    Operation Smile’s Student Volunteer Program is comprised of over 18,000 participants from more than 900 student clubs and associations in more than 40 countries across the United States and in countries including Brazil, Egypt, Honduras, Jordan, Morocco, Paraguay, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. Collectively, these dedicated student volunteers have contributed more than 200,000 hours to our organization — building awareness, raising funds and educating other students about the work of 

    Operation Smile and our core values of commitment, leadership and volunteerism. The Student Programs structure empowers youth, creating a global movement for positive change through Operation Smile’s four pillars of  philanthropy: Leadership, Education, Service and Awareness.

  • Meetings:

    Date: September 22nd (1st meeting)

    Location: Media Center 

    Time: 7:45am-8:15am

    Rest of meetings TBD