Fifth Grade Report Card Overview

  • Interpreting the Grade-Plus Report Card for Fifth Grade

    Grade-Plus Report Card
    The Grade Plus report card for 5th grade provides a detailed analysis of a student's academic achievements. For English Language Arts (ELA) and Math, students receive an overall percentage grade and a breakdown of their performance in specific content areas within these subjects. This detailed feedback highlights both strengths and areas needing improvement. For Science and Social Studies, teachers report grades using a percentage score.
    Academic Performance Indicators
    In addition to the numeric percentage grade in ELA and Math, students will receive an analysis of their performance by standard domain, enabling them to identify areas of academic strength and opportunities for improvement more readily. The indicators are defined as follows:

    Below Standard (1): The student requires more support, frequent re-teaching, and additional practice to understand the content.

    Approaching Standard (2): The student is applying learned skills but needs some teacher support to meet grade-level expectations fully.

    Meets Standard (3): The student is performing at grade level, producing quality work with little to no teacher support, and fulfilling grade-level expectations.

    Exceeds Standard (4): The student works above grade level, consistently producing outstanding, independent work.

    X: Not assessed at this time.

    * For additional information, see the Individualized Education Program (IEP) progress report.


    Work Habit Indicators
    Cultivating effective work habits is essential for a student's success. The indicators for work habits are:

    Exemplary (E):
    Performance is beyond grade-level expectations.

    Successful (S): Performance meets grade-level expectations.

    Needs Improvement (N): Performance needs improvement to meet grade-level expectations.


    Content Area Descriptors
    To enhance communication about assessed skills and knowledge, our district content specialists provide descriptors for each category on the report card. Expand each content area to view the detailed descriptors.
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  • Social Studies

  • Sample Fifth Grade Report Card


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