Kindergarten Report Card Overview

  • Interpreting the Kindergarten Standards-Based Report Card

    GKids Big Ideas & Learning Progressions

    The big ideas and learning progressions we use for documenting and reporting student progress come from GaDOE. They were created by the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) and provided to school districts as part of the kindergarten formative assessment, GKIDS 2.0. Each school system has the autonomy to use GKIDS 2.0 formative assessment tools as best fit their needs. Using the learning progressions from GKIDS 2.0 for the report card allows our teachers and parents to understand expectations of knowledge and skills a student needs to be prepared for first grade.


    Science and Social Studies

    Although in GKIDS 2.0, there are big ideas and learning progressions for science and social studies, this first year of the new report card, we will only use the ELA and Math learning progressions. However, science and social studies will use the same reporting proficiency levels as ELA and Math: Beginning, Developing, Demonstrating, and Exceeding.


    Special Areas

    Special areas of Art, Health, Music, and Physical Education will use the grading key of N for Needs Improvement, S for Satisfactory, and E for Exemplary.


    Additional Resource for Big Ideas and Learning Progressions

    GKIDS Parent Flyer

    GKIDS Parent Website

    Work Habit Indicators

    Cultivating effective work habits is essential for a student's success. The indicators for work habits are:

    Exemplary (E): Performance is beyond grade-level expectations.

    Successful (S): Performance meets grade-level expectations.

    Needs Improvement (N): Performance needs improvement to meet grade-level expectations.

    GKIDS Learning Progressions and Content Area Descriptors

    To enhance communication about assessed skills and knowledge, our district content specialists provide descriptors for each category on the report card. Expand each content area to view the detailed progressions and descriptors.

  • English Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Sample Kindergarten Report Card


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