• Field Trip Medications


    Please be aware, as students travel away from the school during the school day, the only medication allowed to follow them are medications which have been documented, approved, and turned in to the school nurse beforehand.

    Students are only allowed to self-carry their personal emergency medication if the nurse has been made aware ahead of time, and there is an updated health care plan on file in the clinic, including a Permission to Carry Medication Form agreement signed by both the student and the parent. 

    If you are unsure of the health care plan status associated with your student's health condition, please contact the school nurse as soon as possible for help. 

    Teachers cannot accept medication directly from parents. 

    If you need to send medication along with your student for a field trip, and this medication is not currently being held in the clinic, please plan on dropping it off to the school nurse no later than 5 days prior to the scheduled field trip

    For additional information or questions, please contact Nurse Michelle.