• Non-Traditional School Options


    Sometimes, students are interested in a non-traditional school setting for a variety of reasons.

    Click logos below to review virtual and alternate school setting options. 

    Please meet with your counselor to further pursue any of these options.

    • Georgia Virtual Schools Registration Directions

      After student and parent/guardian have met with counselor.

      For the 2024-2025 school year, a new process will be in place to obtain parent permission for students who wish to take a course through Georgia Virtual School (GAVS). GAVS is an external, accredited program through the Georgia Department of Education. Students may take virtual classes through GAVS as part of their school schedule or take classes as parent/student pay in addition to their school schedule. 

      Parent permission is required for students to take a GAVS course. This form only needs to be completed once per school year.  The instructions that explain how to complete this form are found by clicking here.

      Students will still need to submit individual course requests to Georgia Virtual School (https://gavs.geniussis.com/) to request individual GAVS courses.