For every AP Exam, all students need to present a recent, valid, photo ID.  

    Acceptable ID Examples   

    Government-issued driver's license, learner permit, or non-driver ID card   

    Official school-produced student ID card.  

    Government-issued passport or U.S. Global Entry identification card   

    Government-issued military or national identification cards  


    If a student DOES NOT have one of the above-listed photo IDs, then they must complete an AP Student ID Form and have it notarized in the counseling office.   

    AP Student ID Form:must be prepared by LAMBERT and notarized. Mrs. Hosier in counseling can verify and notarize the form. 

    Use the link STUDENT ID FORM  to download the form or pick one up at the counseling office at Lambert High School. 

    Follow the instructions, complete the form (except for school official information), and attach the appropriate PHOTO type according to the guidelines on page 2 of the form. 

    Well before your first AP Exam, you should bring the completed form to Mrs. Fuerst and Mrs. Hosier in the counseling suite. They will verify the student’s identity and notarize the form. 

    1. You MUST bring this completed NOTARIZED form to each exam they take, in place of a driver’s license, school ID or learner's permit. 

    2. AP Exam ID Form
Last Modified on April 14, 2024