• Drill Schedule


    The link ABOVE will take you to the SAFETY DRILL SCHEDULE.  Each school in the system, along with the PDC will follow this drill schedule. The handout below identifies the REQUIRED drills each school must have along with other required reports to the School Safety Office.
    The school safety drills required to be conducted under Code Section 20-2-1185 have been expanded to include “intruder alert drills” (Lockdown Drills) by October 1 of each school year. All students must participate in intruder alert drills unless the governing body of a school system or school provides “an option for the child’s parent or legal guardian to elect, in writing, that such child not participate.”   We allow parents to keep students home during the day of a Lockdown Drill.  Specific timing of the drill during a specified day will not be disclosed to parents or the general public for safety reasons.  


     Contact: David Feuerbach