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    School Safety Planning

    Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), Georgia Department of Homeland Security, Forsyth County Emergency Management,  and the Forsyth County Department of School Safety REVIEW and APPROVE emergency plans for all  Forsyth County schools and the school system.  These plans are REVIEWED annually.


    All schools and school districts in the state are required to have emergency plans that protect students, staff, and campus visitors. School safety plans include but are not limited to the following planning: 

    ·         Fire evacuations

    ·         Tornado and severe weather drills

    ·         Lockdown procedures

    ·         Emergency school closing

    ·         Shelter in place

    ·         Outdoor activities / extreme weather

    ·         Biological, Radiological and Chemical spills and threats

    ·         Visitor access to the facility

    ·         Staff training in First Aid and CPR


    These plans also include planning for complete campus evacuation and parent reunification should the need arise. For the safety and security of students and staff members the exact location of these reunification sites will be disclosed to parents when students are safely transported to that location. The goal of school safety planning is to protect every student, staff, parent and other campus visitor. 

    Your school principal will be happy to discuss the GENERAL safety plans with you. For safety reasons, specific details of some portions of the school safety plans will not be publicly revealed.   

    Each school in our system has a TRAINED School Safety Coordinator. That person has been specifically trained in developing and implementing school safety plans and procedures. That training will continue so that Forsyth County Schools will have several staff members at each school with that training.   

    Each school performs a School Safety Survey each school year. This document evaluates the safety and security practices for each school site. 

    Contact: Steve Honn