• Counselor of the Year Recognition

    Forsyth County has many outstanding school counselors.  Once a year, we have the opportunity to give special recognition to a counselor or counselors as Counselor of the Year.  Nominees must demonstrate attributes and qualities of supporting students in the areas of career, personal/social and academic development of students, leadership, advocacy, collaboration, service to school and community and the highest levels of professional and personal ethical standards.  Administrators, school staff, parents and fellow counselors can nominate a counselor for this recognition by sending a letter of nomination to Kristin Keith (kkeith@forsyth.k12.ga.us), Student Support Services, Forsyth County Schools. The nominated counselor must currently be employed full-time, must have been employed in Forsyth County as a school counselor for at least three years and must have served as a school counselor for at least five years.  Thank you for your support.


    National School Counseling Week

    National School Counseling Week 2024 is February 5 - 9, 2024. 

    Forsyth County Schools Counselors of the Year 



    Michaela Avila (Haw Creek Elementary School)

    Kerry Bryant (Hendricks Middle School)

    Chelsey Bucherati (Lambert High School)



    Christy Gabbert (Chattahoochee Elementary School)

    Sabrina Howell (Little Mill Middle School)

    Lindsay Burnell Carlson (Denmark High School)



    Jan Howard (Cumming Elementary School)

    Susan Sabo (Liberty Middle School)

    Josh Owens (North Forsyth High School)



    Ashley Johnson (Daves Creek Elementary School)

    Randolph Thrower (Piney Grove Middle School)

    Allison Rinehart (West Forsyth High School)


    2018 - 2019

    Kate Rounds (Big Creek Elementary School)

    Ashley Kozee (Otwell Middle School)

    Corinna Spurlock (Denmark High School) 



    Kerry Britt (Cumming Elementary School)

    Kristen Johnson (Piney Grove Middle School)

    Whitney Adams (North Forsyth High School)



    Tara Stiffler (Matt Elementary School)

    Dawn Densmore (South Forsyth Middle School)

    Grace Savage (Forsyth Central High School)

    Kevin Harris (Shiloh Point Elementary School)

    Diane Orando (Shiloh Point Elementary School)



    Cindy McNeill (Daves Creek Elementary School)

    Julie Remenick (South Forsyth Middle School)

    Josh Owens (North Forsyth High School)



    Jennifer Gibbs (South Forsyth Middle School) 


    Sharon McWhorter (South Forsyth High School)


    Connie Hohulin (Little Mill Middle School)

    Tom Neighbour (Lambert High School)


    Sonia Stewart (Chestatee Elementary School)

    Denise Eccleston (Lambert High School)     



    Kathy Bain (Brookwood Elementary School)

    Jody Glude (Little Mill Middle School)

    Tracey Winkler (West Forsyth High School) 



    Anne Ogilvy (Vickery Creek Elementary School)

    Bob Carnaroli (West Forsyth High School)



    Leigh Ann Strickland (Chestatee Elementary School)



    Denise Eccleston (Settles Bridge Elementary School)

    Jolie Kimmel (South Forsyth High School)



    Leslie Hamilton (Silver City Elementary School)

    Heather Roth (Otwell Middle School)



    Diann Branch (Chattahoochee Elementary School)

    Carol Smith (Vickery Creek Middle School)


    Georgia School Counselor Association (GSCA) Counselors of the Year

    2011 Elementary School Counselor of the Year in Georgia
    Anne Ogilvy
    2008 Elementary School Counselor of the Year in Georgia

    Denise Eccleston

    2007 Middle School Counselor of the Year in Georgia

    Heather Roth

    2006 Elementary School Counselor of the Year in Georgia

    Diann Branch


    American School Counselor Association (ASCA) of the Year

    ASCA's School Counselor of the Year honors the top 10 counselors in the nation – school counselors who are running a top-notch, comprehensive school counseling program at either the elementary, middle, or high school level.

    Anne Ogilvy, Vickery Creek Elementary School - Top 6 Finalist in 2012
    Diann Branch, Chattahoochee Elementary School- Top 10 Finalist in 2007