Information Systems
  • Georgia Department of Labor - Work Permits


    Effective July 1, 2015, with the exception of minors in entertainment, work permits are no longer required for youth age 16 and older. 


    - Current Forsyth County Students -

    1. To access the online employment certificate (work permit) system, please go to .
    a. Select “Child Labor”, listed under “Quick Links”.
    b. Select “Get a Youth Employment Certificate (Work Permit)”
    2. Print the Work Permit Data Sheet that you have completed and take it to your potential employer to complete their portion.
    3. The student must come in person with their Work Permit Data Sheet completed by their employer and certified birth certificate to their current school (please call your school for summer hours).
    4. State law requires a minor to obtain an attendance letter from their school administrator indicating that the minor is enrolled in school full-time and the minor's attendance record is in good standing for the current academic year.
    (Please call to schedule an appointment)
    DeSana Middle School - 770-667-2591
    Hendricks Middle School - 678-965-5038
    Lakeside Middle School - 678-965-5080
    Liberty Middle School - 770-781-4889
    Little Mill Middle School - 678-965-5000
    North Forsyth Middle School - 770-889-0743
    Otwell Middle School - 770-887-5248
    Piney Grove Middle School -  678-965-5010
    Riverwatch Middle School - 678-455-7311
    South Forsyth Middle School - 770-888-1370
    Vickery Creek Middle School - 770-667-2580
    Alliance Academy for Innovation - 470-695-7823
    Denmark High School - 470-533-2521
    East Forsyth High School - 770-888-1235
    Forsyth Academy/Forsyth Virtual Academy - 770-781-3141
    Forsyth Central High School - 770-887-8151
    Gateway Academy - 770-781-2299
    Lambert High School - 678-965-5050
    North Forsyth High School – 770-781-6637
    South Forsyth High School – 770-781-2264
    West Forsyth High School – 770-888-3470


    - Home School Students -

    Effective July 1, 2013, Pursuant to HB 283 (2013), the Georgia Department of Labor (GADOL) is initiating the following procedure for students between the ages of 12 and 18 years and who are participants of a Home Study Program. All Application Forms and required documents must be submitted to GADOL electronically by email or fax, or online (for the Employment Certification for Minors Under 18).
    1. Parent(s)/guardian or Minor completes Section A and Employer completes Section B of the online Employment Certification for Minors Under Age 18. The online form will not be processed until GADOL receives the documents requested in paragraph 2.
    2. Parent/guardian submits to GADOL Home Study Program Students - Declaration for Employment Certificate form.
    3. GADOL will review all submitted documents for compliance. If the submitted documents are approved, GADOL will:  Complete Section C of the online Work Permit; and provide the parent with a completed copy of the Work Permit via email or fax.
    4. Documents required must be faxed to 404-232-3264.


    -Minors in Entertainment-



    -Minors Residing Outside of the State of Georgia or Attending School Outside of the State of Georgia

    Must email a certified copy of their birth certificate, minor security key, and a statement that they attend school outside the State of Georgia (please provide the State of Residence and School Name) to after the employer completes their portion of the application and they are issued an employer's security key.