• Every day counts!  Please help your child be at school and on time each day!
    School attendance is important:
    *  To keep up with school-work and make friends.
    *  To get the best possible start in life and make the best of opportunities available.
    *  Because employers and colleges look at attendance before offering acceptance.  Good attendance patterns start in elementary school and are habit forming.  Students who attend school regularly and arrive on time will continue to do so later in their school career.
    *  Because school attendance is required by law.
    *  Because learning makes a difference to your child's future.
    Missing school to go shopping, for a birthday or vacation may seem like a good idea but during that time your son or daughter has missed out on learning and may have difficulty catching up with work and friends.
    Parent Responsibilities
    Encourage student attendance by taking a positive approach to school and school activities.
    Take an active interest in your child's education by being positive and insisting on good attendance.
    Send a written excuse to school on the same day that your child returns to school after being absent.
    Student Responsibilities
    Attend school on time each day.
    Participate in school work, prepare for all classes, complete all assignments, participate in class, and follow directions given by your teachers.
    Take responsibility for his/her actions and behavior. 
Last Modified on July 4, 2017