• Parent Information

    Parent Information


    During this year your children will be receiving special education services through a variety of models depending on the students placements agreed upon in their Individual Education Plans. These services include the following models:

    • consultative
    • supportive instruction
    • co-teaching
    • small group pull-out
    Below are descriptions of each model. If you have any additional questions about your child’s placement model, please contact your child's case manager.

    Cartoon teacher


    Consultative Model

    Student with disability receives at least one segment per month of direct service from the special education teacher.


    Supportive Instruction

    Student with disability receives services from personnel other than a certified teacher in the general education classroom (i.e. parapro, interpreter, or job coach).



    A special education teacher works with identified students with disabilities and the general education teacher within the general education classroom (less than a full segment daily).



    The special education teacher provides service in the general education classroom by sharing teaching responsibility with the general education teacher (full segment everyday).


    Small Group Pull-out

    The special education teacher provides service to students with disabilities in a special education classroom for segments/subjects as designated in students' Individual Education Plans. 

Last Modified on June 5, 2017