All medications, both prescription and nonprescription, must be brought to school by the parent or guardian.  No student will be allowed to bring medications to school or from school. Do not bring medications to school that need to be given once or two/three times daily unless a doctor specifically states a time during the school day that the medication needs to be given. We do not want instruction time interrupted unless medically necessary.
    All medications must be brought to school in the original container. A "Request for Administration of Medication" form (see link under forms) must be completed by the parent or guardian.  A physician must sign the bottom of the administration form for any long term medication (more then two weeks) even prescribed medications. Due to the risk of Reye's Syndrome in children under the age of 18, the school will require a physicians signature in order to give any aspirin containing medication including Aspirin, Pepto-Bismol, and Excedrin.
    Because of the risk of choking, cough drops and throat lozenges are not permitted at school. PLEASE CHECK EXPIRATION DATES ON ALL MEDICATIONS. Parents are responsible for knowing when meds expire and replenishing expired medications.  It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the school of any changes in the students medical treatment. Please be aware of your child's treatment plan and understand that unless you communicated otherwise, current treatment will continue. Please contact the nurse with any questions you may have.
    All clinic forms can be found HERE!
Last Modified on September 17, 2021