Accreditation and Strategic Plan, 2022-2027 JC

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 Strategic Plan and Accreditation Survey 
Forsyth County Schools is undergoing accreditation and developing a strategic plan for 2022-2027 that will help chart the future priorities of the school district. As part of this improvement process, we are seeking community-wide input on issues facing Forsyth County Schools.

  Along with the Georgia Standards of Excellence, the Learner Profile is the core work of our school district. It lists the attributes we expect all students to possess by the time they graduate from one of our high schools. Please review the attributes below and select your level of agreement with the following content or suggest additional content for the district to consider.
Master and apply academics for college and career success     
Make connections to discover new knowledge and ideas     
Develop talents, interests, and passions     
Use technology effectively to access information and to display learning     
Display integrity, perseverance, and drive to achieve personal goals     
Accept responsibility for personal actions     
Advocate for self, others, and the community     
Maintain wellness and balance in life      
Define problems and create solutions     
Apply knowledge and skills to real-world situations     
Embrace innovation to adapt to an ever-changing world     
Connect to be a world-wise person     
Develop relationships across boundaries and cultures     
Interact in a multilingual community     
Demonstrate civility and respect differences in others     
Communicate responsibly through reading, writing, listening, and speaking     
Work collaboratively with others     
Cultivate and maintain positive relationships     
Pursue Continuous Learning     
Exhibit Strong Personal Qualities     
Utilize Creative and Critical Thinking     
Engage and Contribute     
Interact Effectively     
That the current report card format provides you appropriate information on your child’s progress?  
When assessing a student’s work, should the grade represent the mastery of standards and not behavioral considerations, such as turning in work on time?  
That teachers and support staff utilize a variety of methods to effectively connect with parents/guardians?  
Academic Excellence for Students       
Culture of Belonging for Students, Families, and Staff       
Financial Efficiency of the School District       
Operational Effectiveness, such as Facilities, Technology, and Transportation       
Recruiting and Retaining High Quality Staff       
Safety and Security       
Student Life Skills, such as Financial Literacy