Welcome to the Sawnee Elementary School Clinics! 
    Clinic hours 7:30-3:30  
    PK- 2nd Grade
    Robyn Freeze, RN
    School Nurse Building 2
    770-887-6161, Ext 772103
    3rd - 5th Grade
    Sheila Fairfield, RN
    School Nurse Building 1
    770-887-6161, Ext 771104
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    We welcome your visits and calls if you have any questions.
    By working together, we can ensure a healthy and safe school year for every student!
    Clinic Wish List: 
                *Zip loc bags (sandwich & gallon)    * Bandaids (reg & large size)   *Saltine Crackers     *Tissues
                                          *New Boys/Girls underwear  *Elastic waist shorts and pants 
    Staying Home  
    Please see side tabs to view medication policies and other important information.



    "Children need to learn to be healthy and need to be healthy to learn."