• Hello ! Welcome to Local School Council!

    Our Local School Council, or LSC,  is comprised of staff members, parents and business partners.
    Together we work to improve education for students at Sharon Elementary.
    Local School Council- Meeting Minutes

    LSC meeting minutes and agenda are located on the FCS LSC Website

    Sharon Elementary School
    Local School Council Members
    • Elizabeth Madrigal (Chair)
    • Amber Adams
    • Colleen Hight
    • Jennifer Houston
    • Arpana Satyu-burge
    • Cindy Scheffler
    • George Gutenberg
    • Daniel Teague
    • Christine Carpio 
    • Randy Stanley
    • Alpana Shitole
    • Katherine Anderson
    • Brandi Weigle (Teacher)
    • Kristina Holmes (Teacher)
    • Megan Bass (Assistant Principal)
    • Brian Nelson (Principal)

    LSC Meetings are held at Sharon Elementary @ 7:45 AM on the following dates: