• Hello ! Welcome to Partners in Education!

    The Silver City Elementary community would like to extend our most gracious appreciation to our Partners in Education. Thank you for your generous contributions.
                   Sawnee EMC
             Media - Leveled Library and Japan Day
    BJ's                                                           Target
    Membership Drive                                 Take Charge of Education Program
                                                                                                 Northside Hospital-Forsyth
    Kroger                                                        Hospital
    Educational Incentive Program                                                         Clinic Supplies
       Doughnnuts                                     publix
                Doughnuts                                                            Thank You Credit
    ihop                                       creek
        Kids Meal Certificates                                                 Kids Meal Certificates
     moe                        D.R. Horton
                         Kids Meal Certificates                                       Teacher of the Year gift certificates
         Injoe                                    ham                                  Chili
     Kids Meal Certificates                             Monetary Donation                             Kids Meal Certificates
           Silver City PTA                      Louise McPherson                    Mendes Karate          
        Level Library                               Fall Decorations                            Karate Lessons
      The Life Church                                       William and Sandra Johnson              
          Level Library                                                   Silver City Softball Team
                                Merck Transport                                                 Smith Industries
                                 Monetary Donation                                                  Monetary Donation
            Cici's Pizza                                     Eagle Point Landfill                                                    
       Kids Meal Certificates                    Earth Day/Environmental Committee

Last Modified on July 20, 2006