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    "where your stars REIGN"
    espect themselves & others                                                 
                                             Encourage other to do their best
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    Silver City
    Before and After School Program

    Director:Priscilla Hoch
    (678) 965-5020
    Ext. 350249



    Bookkeeper: Rhonda Woodall

     Our Mission Statement:
    Offering positive, developmentally appropriate activities for all
    children to help them learn, explore and grow.
     A little about us...
    Before and after a day of school, it is important for every parent to know that their child is in a safe, warm environment.  Comet Kingdom provides care for children that are both stimulating and fun.  Our qualified staff will give children the oopportunity to participate in activities that will support them in their social, intellectual, physical and artistic growth. Comet Kingdom is dedicated to providing a quality program for you and your child.
    Hours of Operation

    Monday - Friday

    Mornings:  7:00am-7:50am

    Afternoons:  3:00pm-6:30pm

    Early Release:  12:30pm-6:30pm
    **Comet Kingdom will not be open during school holidays or inclement weather days**
    A registration form must be completed and returned with the annual registration fee prior to participation in the program.  the non-refundable fee is $40 per child and $30 for each
    additional child within your family.
    Parents will also be required to read and sign the Parent Acknowledgement section of the
    registration form.  This confirms that the parent has read, understands and agrees to the rules and regulations of the Comet Kingdom Program.
    Tuition is paid weekly and is due each Monday or the first day of the week the student attends the program. 
    • Registration Fee – Paid one time per year - $40 for 1st Child; $30 for each additional Child
    • Full Time Tuition – 3 Days or More Per Week (Mornings and Afternoons) - $70 per week for 1st Child; $55 for each additional Child
    • Part Time Tuition – 2 Days or Less - $40 per week for each Child
    • Mornings Only - $25 per Child per Week (7:00 am – 7:50 am)
    • Drop In Fee - $25 per Child per Occurrence
Last Modified on August 5, 2020