• Welcome to the Bulldog Clinic! 



    Michelle Winsness, LPN

    School Nurse and Health Educator

    Office: (770) 887-5248 x790121 

    Fax: (770) 888-1214 

    Email: mwinsness@forsyth.k12.ga.us 

    Clinic Hours: 9:00am to 4:15pm


    The clinic is available to provide students with as-needed minor care during the school day.  Ideally, the school nurse's goal is to help keep students well and comfortable, so they are able to return to class. 


    Occasionally, students become ill or get injured while at school. In the event your student or the nurse needs to reach you during the school day, please ensure all contact phone numbers and approved pick-up people are updated in Parent Portal (located under Demographics). Also, please consider adding the school's telephone number to your phone contacts so "Otwell Middle School" will show up on your caller ID with all incoming calls.


    Please inform the school nurse of any medical condition that could affect your child while at school.


    The clinic does not stock medication.  All medications for student use must be brought to school by a parent or guardian.  "Give once daily" or "Give twice daily" prescriptions are required to be administered at home, unless specifically directed by a physician in writing to be given during school hours.



    Healthy children are successful learners.

    Please encourage your student to:

    • eat nutritious foods
    • drink plenty of water
    • exercise daily
    • practice appropriate personal hygiene
    • get a good night's sleep
    • practice GOOD handwashing

    Being and staying healthy will help optimize your student's learning experience.



    Services provided by school nurses include:

    Promotion of healthy lifestyles

    Identify health concerns and provide appropriate care

    Medication management

    Immunization verification according to state guideline requirements

    Screenings: Vision, Hearing, Scoliosis