Welcome to the Science Department at Riverwatch!


    The science program at Riverwatch is based on the Georgia Performance Standards. (GSE  will be implemented during 17-18 6th-7th-8th (HS Credit)) At Riverwatch Middle School, science is a dynamic program. The science teachers use a variety of teaching techniques and tools.  Through the use of online interactive software, hands-on labs, demonstrations, research, and projects we involve students in the study of science.  


    Course Options



    On Level





    6th Grade




    ·         Earth Science



    ·         Advanced Earth Science




    7th Grade




    ·         Life Science



    ·         Advanced Life Science





    8th Grade


    ·         Physical Science- High School Credit


    ·         Advance Physical Science – High School Credit 7th grade advanced or accelerated math prerequisite


    6th Grade Science Team

    Sara Sterner

    Chris Walden

    Marie Schlich 

    Mauralyn Monroe

    7th Grade Science Team

    Tim Mack

    Brandy Pittman

    Melody Shanks

    Laura Poole

    8th Grade Science Team

    Rabun Hunziker

    Dena Cook

    Brittney Osborne

    Chelsea Jacoby




Last Modified on May 4, 2020