Welcome to the Science Department at Riverwatch!


    The science program at Riverwatch is based on the Georgia Performance Standards. (GSE  will be implemented during 17-18 6th-7th-8th (HS Credit)) At Riverwatch Middle School, science is a dynamic program. The science teachers use a variety of teaching techniques and tools.  Through the use of online interactive software, hands-on labs, demonstrations, research, and projects we involve students in the study of science.  Our science textbook is also available online for each grade level (see your student's teacher for a log-in).


    Course Options



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    6th Grade




    ·         Earth Science



    ·         Advanced Earth Science




    7th Grade




    ·         Life Science



    ·         Advanced Life Science





    8th Grade


    ·         Physical Science- High School Credit


    ·         Advance Physical Science – High School Credit 7th grade advanced or accelerated math prerequisite



Last Modified on June 21, 2017