• Riverwatch Middle School Business Partners!

    Riverwatch is very fortunate to have many wonderful business partners as our Partners in Education! These community businesses truly work in partnership with Riverwatch Middle School, providing many benefits to programs that just would not be possible without their help. Our business partners offer financial assistance as well as donations of time, services, supplies and expertise in support of instructional and extra-curricular programs. Collectively, they are solely responsible for our student recognition program and teacher recognition program---about a $5,000-$7,000 proposition. Whether it’s our Golden Panther Award Program or our Honors Nights, these fantastic Partners in Education give their generous support so we can honor our Riverwatch students in several different, meaningful ways! And for their generosity and support we are grateful.
    At Riverwatch, we believe our Partners in Education program is truly a partnership. That is why we are always looking for ways to give back to our business community which so generously supports our programs. We would like to encourage Riverwatch students, parents, staff, and other community members to patronize these fine businesses, and to stop and tell them “thank you” for ALL of their support for the students and staff at Riverwatch Middle School!! We enthusiastically thank and applaud our Riverwatch Business Partners
    For more Information about becoming a Partner in Education, please contact Ginger Breyo.
  • Limena Wholesale

    Jinal Patel - Realtor