• Hello ! Welcome to Custodial Services!

    Name: David Thompson        Email Address: dvthompson@forsyth.k12.ga.us   
    Phone number: 770.888.3170 ext. 140262

    Our custodial staff is another important part of the inner workings that lead to our success as a middle school.  The staff is headed by David Thompson, who believes that it is his staff's job to help this school run smoothly.  His staff's beliefs are listed below.
    The custodians at SFMS work very hard as a team to keep up the building.  We also make it a priority to make sure the school is safe not only for the students but for the staff also.  Our daily goals are to take care of the building's cleanliness, maintenance, and to take care of daily events that may be going on at the school.  It is also our daily duty to show respect and treat others with kindness.  All of the custodians take pride in what they do and are very proud to be a part of SFMS. 

    Our Crew @ SFMS:
    David Thompson  -  Head Custodian
    Amanda Evans
    Anita Phillips
    Ann Kyle
    Maria Olmedo
    Hilaria Leon de Garcia
    Breanna Sargent
    Gina DeLamater



Last Modified on August 4, 2023