• Welcome to the VCMS Clinic!

    Krista Jackson - Nurse
    Email Address: f40182@forsyth.k12.ga.us
    Phone number: 770.667.2580 ext.230107

    The goal of the VCMS Clinic is to enhance the academic success and wellbeing of each student through the joint efforts of the home, school, and community.Please keep us updated with several current phone numbers where you can be reached in the event of illness or accident. You may view the latest  numbers we have listed for you on Parent Portal.
    Clinic Hours
    9:30-4:00, Monday - Friday
    Important General Info
    Please have your student's doctor complete the appropriate Health Action Plan for chronic Health conditions and return it to the clinic as soon as possible so I can notify your student's teachers and be prepared to respond to your student's needs.The forms can be downloaded from the "Useful Forms" link to the left of this page and Doctors may fax forms to us at 770-667-2593.
    The physician may, by written order, initiate the guidelines allowing the student to carry the inhaler during school hours, after school sports or clubs, and on the bus. However it is recommended that the clinic also have a backup inhaler in the event the student forgets their inhaler or it is empty. The clinic also has a nebulizer machine available for students with doctor's orders. The student must provide mouthpiece, tubing and the nebulizer medication.
    Food Allergy Info
    An ingredient label notebook is located in the School Nutrition Dept. Office at the Board of Education Building located at 1140 Dahlonega Highway. Parents are encouraged to schedule a time to come in to look through the notebook to assist their student with making safe selections from the menu.  Please call 770-887-2461 for more information.
    They must be brought in by parent or guardian and should be in their original container.
    Products that contain Aspirin must have a Doctor's signature.
    Medications which are to be given 2-3 times daily can be given before the child leaves for school, when he/she gets home, and at bedtime unless the doctor specifcally states in writing that it should be administered during school hours.
    Medication Administration form must be filled out (click on "Useful Forms" link to on the left).
    Please keep your student at home if they have the following:
    • diarrheaillnesses
    • vomiting
    • persistent cough
    • reddened eyes with yellow discharge
    • unknown rash
    • fever > 100 degrees

    Students must be fever, diarrhea, and vomit free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school. If an illness such as strep throat or pink eye requires antibiotics, the student should be on medication 24 hours before returning to school.




Last Modified on July 21, 2021