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    The Counseling Department at Vickery Creek Middle School seeks to provide services for students, parents, teachers and school staff that will help to develop the many areas of a students needs, including their personal, social and educational development.

    The Counseling Department is a service that is provided to all VCMS students and parents

    and helps to ensure that they acquire and demonstrate the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed in educational planning, career development, and personal/social development in preparation for meaningful participation in a complex, changing world.

    Counselors provide many opportunities for students, including:

    • Works with individuals and groups
    • Provides classroom guidance lessons for all students
    • Reviews test results to analyze achievement and potential
    • Provides information for future planning to students
    • Maintains confidentiality
    • Consults with parents, teachers, administrators, and other professionals
    • Coordinates services for students both inside and outside the school
    • Offers workshops for parents and teachers
    • Helps children cope with emotional crises
    • Facilitates better peer relationships
    • Encourages students to recognize and make the best use of their abilities
    • Assists parents and teachers in helping children
    • Prevents major problems before they occur 


    Expectations play a major role in helping students be successful. 

    Research suggests that if parents and teachers hold high expectations for children,

    they usually live up to them.  The following tips will help parents learn how to expect

    the best from their children and get it!

    • Emphasize the importance of attending school - on time, everyday
    • Help your child set goals and achieve them
    • Expect your child to try his/her best
    • Always focus on the positive
    • Be consistent about studying and completing homework
    • Take time to talk, listen, and be there for your child



Last Modified on January 27, 2021