• MCJROTC Overview

    North Forsyth High School's Marine Corps Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC), directed by Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CWO3) C.K. Villarouel and Master Gunnery Sergeant Randy Merritt, is a program focused on instilling a sense of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment in its cadets. Those who enter the program leave with leadership skills necessary for life beyond high school. Cadets in the MCJROTC program learn about Marine Corps History and rank structure, along with how to become an outstanding citizen. Not only does the NFHS MCJROTC provide life and Marine Corps knowledge, there are many promotions, clubs, scholarships, and volunteer opportunities to those in the MCJROTC.

  • “Our mission is to develop courageous, character driven young adults who possess the attributes of personal responsibility and accountability in order to become model citizens in service to the United States.”

  • What the MCJROTC Teaches

    The curriculum is a four-year program.  It consists of a minimum of 96 hours per year of both classroom and field instruction in a wide variety of subjects.
    A full range of courses - introductory through advanced - are offered in leadership and the application of leadership techniques. 
    MCJROTC provides instruction in the development of good habits and attitudes, problem-solving techniques, the essential characteristics for success, civic and group leadership, and planning to meet the challenges of adult life.
    Military orientation and organization classes teach Marine Corps customs, courtesies, and traditions.  Cadets study Department of Defense and National Security Organization.
    There are instructions and participation in basic drill, the Manual of Arms, and how to conduct parades and inspections.
    MCJROTC students study first aid and personal hygiene.  MCJROTC puts a strong emphasis on challenging physical training.  There are programs for getting into shape and staying in shape.  Nationwide physical fitness competitions are held with male and female groups vying for unit and individual awards.  Marksmanship instruction is also a part of the curriculum (with parental consent).  Cadets study the principles of small arms, safety precautions, and maintenance, and inspections of air rifles.  Matches against other schools are held using the .177 caliber precision air rifle.

  • Who Benefits from the MCJROTC?

    The Cadets.  Like most young adults, cadets strive to prepare themselves for the future.  MCJROTC helps develop the self-discipline and self-confidence cadets need to meet future stresses and succeed in adult life.  While cadets incur NO military obligation, participation in MCJROTC can help those who are competing for college ROTC scholarships or military academy appointments.
    The Community.  Marine JROTC encourages participation in community programs and projects.  It encourages civic responsibility and helps to develop strong and informed leaders for the future.

Last Modified on May 26, 2023