• North Forsyth Highschool MCJROTC Marine Corps Birthday Ceremony

    . 7 November in the raider vally

    - If weather is bad, ceremony will be moved to the Raider Arena

    . Begins at 7:00 pm

    - Participating cadets must arrive and report to the ROTC rooms at 6:15

    - Cadets  who stay after 3:40pm must report to the ROTC. Food will be provided

    . Cadet Attire: Full Camies, sleeves down

    The North Forsyth MCJROTC is proud and honored to be celebrating the 244th birthday of our beloved Marine Corps. We invite all friends and family of the the North Forsyth MCJROTC program to come and celebrate the Marine Corps birthday. The Ceremony begins at 7:00 pm on Raider Vally. There will be cake and refreshments provided for those who attend. Dress warm!




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    Master Gunnery Sergeant Randy Merritt, Marine Instructor:



    Gunnery Sergeant Jack Snook, Marine Instructor:


Cadet Battalion Staff

  • The Raider Battalion command element and staff for the 2018-2019 school year.

Battalion Staff
  • The Cadet Commanding Officer Cadet Lt Col Alondra Garcia, Cadet Executive Officer Cadet Major Andrew Rackley, Cadet Sergeant Major Melissa Rivas, and principle Staff Officers.


  • The cadets of Alpha Company commanded by Cadet Captain Jack Moulton, Cadet First Lieutenant Sebastion Mena, and Cadet First Sergeant JC Wilkinson


Bravo Company
  • The cadets of Bravo Company commanded by Cadet Captain Reese Duncan, Cadet First Lieutenant Mason Sheffield, and Cadet First Sergeant James Ryan


Charlie Company
  • The cadets of Charlie Company commanded by Cadet Captain Nathaniel DeBruyn, Cadet First Lieutenant Nicholas Johnston, and Cadet First Sergeant Mary Kassalen

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