• Mathematics Department

  • The South Forsyth High School Mathematics Department is committed to providing students a cooperative and collaborative educational experience in mathematics that will help prepare students for successful roles in an ever-changing global society. Our goal is to build strong teacher-student relationships that promote trust, student self-advocacy and risk-taking.  Our teachers will contribute to the development of students as mathematical thinkers, enabling them to become life-long learners, to continue to grow as individuals, and to be positive members of the SFHS community.  

SFHS Mathematics Department 2022-23

Department Directory

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    Name Room Ext. Dept. Role Details
    Anderson, Stacey 642 100642 Math Teacher Geometry, AP Statistics
    Coley, Anthony 350 100350 Math Teacher Algebra I, Calculus
    Crawford, Cheree 647 100647 Math Teacher Pre-Calculus, Statistical Reasoning
    Duff, Lisa 1142 101142 Math Teacher Algebra I, Advanced Math Decision Making
    French, Melissa 464 100464 Math Teacher Geometry, IB Math
    Graham, Tera 1147 101147 Math Teacher AP Statistics, IB Math
    McCloud, Lyndi 1318 101318 Math Teacher Algebra I
    Naffky, Christine 1211 101211 Math Teacher Geometry
    O'Connor, James 465 100465 Math Teacher Pre-Calculus
    Palermo, Emy 409 100409 Math Teacher Algebra II, Geometry
    Paulson, Carrie 467 100467 Math Department Chair Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus
    Pearce, Laura 1428 101428 Math Teacher Algebra II
    Pratt, James 1311 101311 Math Teacher Algebra I, Algebra II
    Robinson, Kendall 1426 101426 Math Teacher Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus
    Shaw, Christine 1414 101414 Math Teacher Algebra II, Pre-Calculus
    Smith, Kassie 1149 101149 Math Teacher AP Calculus
    Smith, Melanie 408 100408 Math Teacher Algebra II, Advanced Math Decision Making
    Wallingford, Ashlee 433 100433 Math Teacher Geometry, Pre-Calculus
    Williams, Colleen 1226 101226 Math Teacher Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry

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