The Forsyth County vision for Educational Technology Coaches is to transform, support and personalize learning for teachers and students using technology.  

    Educational Technology Coaches (ETC) provide on-site and on-demand assistance for fellow teachers to create different forms of learning and teaching with the help of technologies. ITS strive to enhance student learning by leading teachers in the application and best practices of established and emerging tools. When ITS are carefully chosen and utilized properly, they can be more effective in helping teachers integrate technology into daily teaching and learning than any other form of professional development. The purpose of the ETC is to provide assistance to teachers with the integration of technology, support curriculum development as it relates to instructional technology, and train teachers to use technology in the most appropriate and effective manner.  

    Each classroom is provided with:

    • 10 Chromebooks for students use
    • A teacher laptop
    • An interactive board and projector
    • An assortment of digital resources used to enhance classroom lessons

    To encourage current and engaging lessons, our teachers and students also have access to 6 Chromebook carts each containing 30 Chromebooks.  Teachers often incorporate these devices when they are using blended and personalized learning strategies that focus on their students' passions and interests. 

    For more information about the Forsyth County Instructional Technology Vision.


    Annette Fye
    Educational Technology Coach
    678-965-5041 Ext. 362101