• Laura Hand
    Phone Number: 678-965-5010  Ext. 382101

    Welcome to ESOL at Piney Grove Middle School!  Here at Piney Grove, our English language learners receive instruction with a wide range of strategies to improve their proficiency in English.  Ultimately our goal is to give each English language learner the skills he or she needs in order to achieve academic success in the American school system. 
    ESOL Class
    In ESOL class, the ESOL teacher provides English support for the English language learner's academic classes.  In addition to this, we also work on improving students' social and academic language skills.  Various resources and strategies are used to support students' language development.        
    Additional Support
    Students may receive additional ESOL support in other content classes and/or homework help in the mornings before school starts, after school, or during Thrive.  
Last Modified on March 20, 2023