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                                         Department Chairs:
                 Mr. Woody Van Treek                                  Ms. Carina Jimenez
    wvantreek@forsyth.k12.ga.us                                  cjimenez@forsyth.k12.ga.us

    Department Overview:
    The Lambert High School English Program prepares students to become independent learners who are proficient in writing, speaking, critical reading, listening, thinking, and viewing. Students use the language arts to explore and respond to classical and contemporary works from many cultures and literary periods. Throughout the curriculum, students are introduced to a variety of literature, including novels, short stories, plays, poems, and non-fiction.  They are expected to do an extensive amount of writing, including both creative and analytical essays. Class discussions and cooperative learning are major components of English classes, and all students are expected to participate fully.   Students at every grade level should expect to read literature that will challenge and engage them, to listen to and participate in class discussions and activities that will deepen their understanding of the texts, and to complete assignments designed to improve their writing skills and provide new insights into the works and topics they address.  With teacher guidance, students become responsible for their own learning; they increasingly assume leadership roles and make decisions in the classroom in order to develop interpretative and evaluative skills and make connections among their reading, their writing, and their lives.
    Lambert ELA has longhorn pride!
    Department Members:
    Teacher Courses Taught Ext.
    Ms. Lydia Biggs Honors 9th Grade Literature, American Literature 411882
    Mr. Drew Candela  AP Language, American Literature 412832
    Ms. Catherine Emory 9th Grade Literature 411892
    Mr. Shane Fortenberry 9th Grade Literature, British Literature 413005
    Ms. Laura Halter  British Literature and Advanced Composition 412814
    Ms. Stephanie Harrison AP Literature, British Literature  411810
    Dr. Charles Hyatt 10th Grade Literature, Honors 10th Grade Literature, AP Language 413006
    Ms. Nancy Isham 9th Grade Literature 411961
    Ms. Carina Jimenez AP Language, American Literature  413003
    Ms. Kerry Langley AP Literature, Honors 10th Grade Literature, Dramatic Writing 411814
    Dr. Michelle Norton AP Language,  Honors 10th Grade Literature, AP Seminar    412817
    Ms. Christina Mastrangelo 9th Grade Literature, Honors 9th Grade Literature 411886
    Ms. Chelsea McClain Honors 9th Grade Literature, Yearbook Adviser 411896
    Mr. Daryl Moses  Honors 10th Grade Literature, AP Language 411862
    Ms. Julie Noles  10th Grade Literature 413001
    Ms. Ali Pittaluga Honors 9th Grade Literature, Honors 10th Grade Literature, Journalism Adviser  411883
    Mr. Elliott Rountree British Literature, AP Research 412818
    Ms. Mary Sisson  10th Grade Literature  412836
    Ms. Ashley Siuta 10th Grade Literature, American Literature 413011
    Ms. Stephany Tighe American Literature, British Literature 411961
    Mr. Woody Van Treek  AP Literature, Honors 10th Grade Literature 411864
    Ms. Brooke Wallace Honors 10th Grade Literature, American Literature 413012
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