• LonghornsSocial Studies Department

    Department Chair:
    Mr. Joel Posey

    Department Overview:
    The Social Studies Department at Lambert High School is committed to preparing our students to be responsible, productive citizens as well as life-long learners primed for the challenges of an ever-changing world. We endeavor to create a classroom environment that encourages students to have the academic knowledge, critical thinking, and interpersonal communication skills necessary to be successful at Lambert High School and post-graduation.

    Our course of study ranges from the Americas and Asia to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, spanning every historical era. Students in the social studies program will develop an understanding and appreciation of the contributions that diverse civilizations and cultures have made throughout history and the impact that they have had on the development of the political and economic ideals that influence the world that our students live in today. The emphasis in the Social Studies Department will be to enhance our students' classroom experience with a wide variety of educational opportunities including field studies, community projects, speaker programs, and other student interactive projects.

    Ultimately, it is our proud commitment to the “Lambert approach” which emphasizes diversity, intellectual community, and an enduring involvement with public issues that will encourage the success of our faculty and students as well as foster a community of responsible citizens and life-long learners.

    Social Studies Department
     Department Members:
    Courses Taught


    Mr. Clay Wages AP Macroeconomics, Economics 413010
    Mr. William Baldwin US History 411906
    Mr. Todd Douglas AP US Government, US Government 413008
    Ms. Katie Eisner AP World History 412894
    Mr. Brian Jakaitis AP Psychology, Psychology 412882
    Mrs. Heather Godown Economics, Honors World History, World History 413009
     Ms. Jordan Hill  World History, US History through film 411914
     Mr. Vegas McCain  AP US History, US History 411911
    Mr. John McCormick World History 411912
    Mr. Glen Minor US History 411915
    Mr. Steven Moran AP World History, AP US Government 415005
     Mr. Joe Hannaford
    Ms. Rebecca Parker AP Psychology 412866
    Mr. Joel Posey AP Macroeconomics 413007
    Ms. Rhetta Roy AP European History, Honors World History 412886
    Mr. Josh Sagel Government 413004
    Mr. Kevin Sapp US History, World History, World Geography  Float
    Mr. Michael Bailey World Geography 411902
    Ms. Lauren Watkins AP Human Geography 411908
    Mr. Chris Wilson AP World History, US History through film 411917
    Ms. Jen Wilson AP US History 411909
    Ms. Jessica Yi   AP Human Georgraphy  412862
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