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    Mrs Allison Cochran


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    Lambert High School Technology Plan

    LHS' Technology Vision:
    Lambert High School transforms the way learning occurs by utilizing technology inside and outside of the classroom to engage students in their learning.

    LHS' Technology Purpose:
    Technology is used as a primary means of delivering a high quality education and preparing students for tomorrow's world by instilling creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, research and information fluency, and critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills. (21st Century Skills)

    LHS' ITS Mission:
    The mission of the ITS at LHS is to develop, encourage, and nurture LHS teachers' abilities and confidence level in learning, selecting, and integrating technology to engage our students.

    LHS' Technology Expectations:

    • All LHS teachers maintain and use itslearning courses for each of the subjects that they teach.
    • At a minimum, these courses contain one entry in the planner per week, one folder per unit containing notes, handouts, and review material for course assessments.
    • All LHS teachers use the itslearning planner to notify students of upcoming assessments (at least one week in advance for summative assessments).
    • It is recommended that these courses also utilize at least one of the following: discussion forums, assignment drop boxes, or assessments.
    • Instructional materials are designed with student interaction and engagement in mind.
    • Lessons involving flipcharts, webquests, interactive websites, ActiVotes, discussion forums, video conferencing, and videos are encouraged. (Whiteboards not used only as screens.)
    • Classroom projects go beyond presentation of content by requiring students to interpret, apply, and create. (Videos, PhotoStories, webquests, websites, and podcasts involve higher levels of thinking.)
    • LHS administrators utilize the itslearning LHS Staff Information Group to communicate and post information for the staff.
    • LHS administration and ITS model, encourage, and support technology usage.
    • LHS ITS offers technology tips and trainings throughout the year.
Last Modified on July 18, 2022