• Longhorn Parent Academy

    What is it?
    Parent  Academy is a course that will be taught at Lambert High School introducing parents to the process of high school. We will spend time discussing topics, viewing processes, and learning about one another in an environment that is meant to bring parents and the school together to better understand one another. Each group attends approximately 6 sessions, each lasting about 2 hours. Upon completion, members are better informed about their school, have a better relationship with their school, and understand the pressures of students in a more productive way. Additionally, members usually participate in focus groups and other committees that assist the school.
    What is taught?
    A curriculum is developed through a needs assessment sent to parents participating in the Academy. Subsequently, each group has the content tailored to their specific needs.  Of course, there are some topics that are necessary for all high school parents. Those will be covered and additional topics can be added as necessary.
    When are the classes?
    As has been in the past, the classes usually occur either during the day or in the evening in an alternating fashion. This best accommodates our parents and their time commitments.
    When will the Academy begin?
    The Parent Academy will begin shortly after we get into Lambert upon completion of construction. Please look at the grand opening information for details on the Academy.
Last Modified on February 25, 2016