• Instructional Technology

    Our vision is to use classroom technology to engage students
    in asking questions and choosing tools to facilitate real world problem solving. 
    Our students all strive for their "Best Me" to be a Digital Citizen, using technology and the internet at
    school and at home and are educated in what it means to be a digital citizen and leave a clean digital footprint at all times. Our students and parent sign a Digital Citizen pledge at the beginning of each year and are held to this standard each and every day. 
    Our classrooms are filled with resources for learning. There are at least ten Chromebooks in addition to the teacher laptop and a ClearTouch Interactive Panel in every classroom. 300 Chromebooks are also available for students to use throuhgout the building. In addition, the Media Center has twenty-six desktop computer stations and 28 iPads for research and student creation.
    Teachers plan with the Instructional Technology Specialist to use these resources in engaging and effective ways!
Last Modified on February 10, 2020