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    Whitlow Elementary's School Counselors

    Whitlow's School Counseling MISSION STATEMENT:
    We, along with parents and teachers,  strive to empower all children to  achieve academic and personal success.

    How Does A School Counselor Work with Students?

    • School Counselors work with students individually during times of crisis and/or for brief solution focused guidance directly related to helping the child succeed at school. 
    • We also work with all students in regularly scheduled classroom guidance lessons and activities

    School Counselors can provide information and resources about private psychotherapist, psychologists, etc upon request for more long term support

    As Professional School Counselors we focus on the domains suggested by the American School Counselors Association and the Georgia College and Career Readiness Performance Index.   
    We provide knowledge and support in the following areas:  
    Academic Growth and Achievement

    Social Skills
    Career Education

    Personal Safety