Whitlow Elementary School Counseling Department

    As Professional School Counselors, we align our work with the Georgia Student Competencies for School Counseling standards, the Forsyth County Schools Learner Profile, along with the American School Counselors Association's Professional Standards and Competencies . We provide knowledge and support in the following areas:  
    Life Readiness
    Learning Readiness
    Career Readiness
    WES Counseling Department's Mission Statement 
    The mission of the Whitlow Elementary School Counseling Program is to support and foster student growth through the implementation of a developmentally appropriate comprehensive school counseling program. Whitlow’s comprehensive school counseling program is standards-based and data-driven. It includes opportunities for all students to acquire learning, career, and life readiness skills through the school counselor's facilitation of classroom guidance lessons, small group guidance, school-wide initiatives, and brief, solution-focused counseling for individual students when necessary. 

    School Counselors & Social Workers can provide resources for families and/or students who may require more in-depth services as well.