• Hello ! Welcome to Custodial Services!

    Name: Jeffrey Mulligan
    Email Address: jmulligan@forsyth.k12.ga.us
    Phone number: 678-965-5080 ext. 431208

    Our Head Custodian, Jeffrey Mulligan, and his crew are responsible for keeping our state of the art facility beautiful and in prime operating condition.  Our custodial crew provides invaluable support for our staff and students each and every day.
    As you know, on any given day our facility has close to 1,000 people who come and go.  There are also numerous special events to prepare for in addition to the daily classroom activities.  Our custodial crew is in charge of the preparations for these special events.  This behind the scene support is critical for both the staff and the students and our special events.
    Our custodial crew spends a great deal of time insuring that our facility is clean and sanitary.  This includes the obvious, such as picking up trash in the hallways, to the not so obvious yet extremely important task of sanitizing and cleaning our facility on a daily basis so that our staff and students remain safe and healthy.
    Head Custodian - Jeffrey Mulligan



Last Modified on January 11, 2017