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    Name: Cindy Lewis              Email Address: Cindy Lewis  
    Phone number: 678-965-5080 ext.431529

    Clinic hours are from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday.

    The main goal of the Lakeside Middle School clinic is to keep all students as well and comfortable as possible in the hopes to facilitate their academic potential. Occasionally, students become ill or get injured while here at school. Updating information through Parent Portal with several phone numbers where you may be reached assists us greatly if we need to contact you.
    If your child needs medication during the school day, please remember a parent needs to bring the medication to the school in its original container and sign a "Request for Administration of Medication"  or a "Request for administration for Medication- Spanish" form.

    Any daily medication that is given to your child for longer than a two week period, must have a physician signature on the medication form.

    The clinic does not have stock medications.  All over the counter medications must be brought in my a parent/ guardian. 

    The student must be fever free, without the use of Motrin / Tylenol, for 24 hours before returning to school The student must also be vomiting and diarrhea free for 24 hours prior to returning to school.

    If your student  requires an Asthma Action Plan, Asthma Action Plan- Spanish,  Food/Insect Allergy Plan, Seizure Disorder, Questionnaire for Parent of Student with Seizure Disorder , Diabetes, or any other Health Condition requiring a care plan please click "Forms" on the left-side menu bar to access any of the above forms. You will also need the Request for Administration for Medication , and Consent to carry, if carrying an inhaler, or epi pen. All forms will need to be signed by the doctor and parent.
    Students who may need an inhaler, or epi pen, while at school may keep it with them. Georgia law requires a signed medication administration form including a Dr.'s signature, along with the parent and student's be kept on file in the clinic.

    Hearing/Vision screenings are offered to 7th and 8th grade students here at Lakeside. If a student does not pass the first screen, a second check is done by us here in the clinic. You will be notified if your child does not pass the second screening.

    Please notify the school nurse with any health concerns that may need attention while your child is attending school.
    If you do not want your child screened for Scoliosis, please also find the Scoliosis screening refusal form in the Forms tab and return it as soon as possible.


    Because there is great demand for the clinic there is a huge need for supplies. The following are always greatly appreciated:

    • Band-Aids-all sizes (Latex Free)
    • Zip baggies-sandwich, gallon 
    • 3 ounce cups
    • 2 x 2 gauze and 4X4 gauze
    • Sanitary pads- Regular Thin
    • Gloves (vinyl-Latex free)
    • Saltine crackers
    • Powdered Gatorade- Lemon Lime





Last Modified on August 5, 2020