• Midway Elementary School...Where All Students Succeed!


    Excellence is a tradition at Midway Elementary. Established in 1961, the school was founded in a sleepy little farming community positioned between Cumming and Alpharetta.  The original school consisted of one wing and housed 1st through 8th grade students.  This original wing is now the front hallway of the current building. 
    Midway has expanded as the community has expanded.  The small farming community has evolved into what is now a bustling suburbia.  Midway has undergone many physical and demographic changes during this evolution.  A second building was added in the late 1970’s; this building currently houses third grade students.  In the late 1980’s an additional wing was added to the main hallway to house primary grades.  Later a new media center was added to the lower building and the original media center was converted to a new office suite.  Most recently a new wing was added to the lower building, this wing currently houses 4th and 5th grade students, additionally the original cafeteria was demolished and a new one constructed. The school gymnasium has also undergone major renovations.   
    As Midway’s physical plant has changed so has its student population.  In the late 1990’s Midway’s demographics shifted dramatically, from one of the most affluent populations in Forsyth in 1996 to a near 50 percent free and reduced lunch population; at which time Midway became a Title I school.  Midway is no longer a Title I school and our population is around 26 percent free and reduced lunch.

    In 1993 Midway was honored as a Georgia School of Excellence, the school received the same honor in 2006.  Midway has also twice been honored with Pay for Performance grants for the staff, and two Title One Distinguished School Awards.
    As the most diverse school in a fast growing, affluent suburban county, Midway thrives. With high percentages of English Language Learners and Special Education students, raising achievement is both a priority and a challenge.
    In 2001-2002 Midway was placed on the Federal Needs Improvement list.  A new administration and refreshed vision “Midway…Where All Students Succeed” began a journey of sweeping change and improvement.  Students are offered multiple instructional settings including co-teaching, small groups, and resource offerings.

    Midway has 42 Certified Staff members and 21 Non-Certified staff members.  Midway offers a number of support programs in addition to quality standards based instruction in the general education classroom. The EIP program assists students in reading and math when below grade level.  Special Education provides instruction toward individual learning goals for qualifying students.  ESOL provides additional instruction in language for students whose first language is not English.  The gifted program provides unique learning opportunities to challenge the gifted.

    Midway’s commitment to our families is evident in our parent education programs, Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT), the WatchDog Dads program and our active PTA. 
    Thanks to the dedication of students, parents, teachers, administrators and, community, the tradition of excellence continues.