• Shiloh Point Car Line Procedures
    • To ensure a timely arrival at school, we strongly encourage students to ride the bus.
    • While in the car line, limit distractions, including the cell phone.
    • Guide your child in gathering belongings as you enter the school property.
    • Kiss and hug good-by prior to rounding the last curve in the parking lot driveway.
    • Once your car comes to a complete stop, encourage your child to quickly exit on the right side only.
    • Under no circumstances should an adult get out of the car while in car line.  If you need to assist your child in exiting the car, please pull into the parking lot, park, unload, and walk your child to the front door.
    • When exiting the school property, the traffic officer will direct you to turn left or right as needed.  Should the traffic back up, the officer will allow a right-hand turn only.  Parents are asked to circle around and enter Hwy 141 from Ronald Reagan.  Please do not use the neighborhoods to turn around in order to enter 141 from Majors Road.  Thank you!
    • If you are choosing to be a car rider, please follow the route below.  .Please do not drop your child off in any locations such as Piney Grove, Majors Rd., etc as these locations are not part of our designated safety zones.
    • The car rider line begins at 7:10.  Please make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get through the line prior to the tardy bell at 7:40.  If you are late because of traffic, weather, etc. it will be counted as an unexcused tardy.  If you arrive after 7:40, please park your car in the Shiloh Point front parking lot and walk your child in the front doors to check your student in with our front desk receptionist.

    Shiloh Point Car Line


     Thank you for following these rules! They help us make Shiloh Point car line safe and efficient.