• Sawnee Elementary School 

    Vision Statement:
    Investing in the future by preparing students today.
    Mission Statement:
    Sawnee Elementary creates an engaging learning environment which is student centered, enriched by all staff, and nurtured by home and community.  
    sawnee elementary 
    Sawnee Elementary opened in 1968 as part of a consolidation of Matt, Ducktown and Friendship schools. Mr. Ray Bennett was the first principal to the 640 students in grades one through eight. It is named after Sawnee Mountain, a five mile ridge in Forsyth County that was named for a local Cherokee who helped Europeans adjust to his native land. The Sawnee campus was divided between a primary and elementary school for many years. In 2001, the original building was demolished, which was replaced with a new building in 2002. The primary and elementary schools were combined into one elementary school in 2007. The 18-19 school year marked Sawnee's 50th Anniversary!


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