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    Work Permits

    To Issuing Officer:

    The Georgia Department of Labor has now implemented Phase II of our Student Work Permit System. We are opening these transactions to a few schools at a time as a pilot program. We are asking that you help in this matter.

    By using Phase II, you will eliminate some of your work load. We are going to ask that you have the student enter his/her information at home, library, or other school computer by using the following link:


          Since you have your own school website, it seems that the easiest way for students to start a Work Permit would be for the school to put the link on the website. Once the student has entered his/her information, you can use the new link on the Phase I issuing officer screen to access the Phase II system

    (one of these will be visible =>  To Permit Search Screen or To Minor Initiated Permits), enter the Employer information, and certify the permit. The issuing officer may also access the Phase II sign on screen by using the following link:


          Once you have signed on to the system, you will enter the minor’s Social Security Number and Date of Birth, and submit. The screen will then display links to any permits started by the minor (maximum 5).  After selecting the link, you will be directed to a screen for entering the employer’s phone number. If this is the first time anyone has entered information for this Employer, then all employer information must be entered. If this employer has been used before, then the employer phone number, name, address, city, state, zip, and county will be displayed. The issuing officer will then need to enter the job description, start and end times, hours worked, and name and title of person providing the employer information. After submitting and confirming, the issuing officer will certify the permit. Please print a copy of the completed permit for the minor to take to the employer.

    Student Entry Process:

          The Student will access the system by using the link listed above. The student must enter his/her Social Security Number and Date of Birth to begin a Work Permit.  A student may start up to 5 permits. If less than 5 have been started, then after entering SSN and Date of Birth and submitting, a link will display to “Start New Permit”.  The student will then enter the requested information and submit, confirm that the information is correct, and then make the final submission. A screen will display with a Minor Security Key. This key will be used by an employer to access the minor’s permit. This page also displays a link to print a Work Permit Data Sheet for the minor’s and employer’s information. The minor should print this form and take it to his/her employer to be completed and returned to you to certify the permit.